of power


Need a second opinion? Desperate to know if you’re on the right page? Blatantly have no idea where the to start? Got a stack of questions bigger than your to-do list? An hour of power may just be for you!

Nothing is off limits in our Hour of Power. It’s your chance to pick my brain and our chance to work collaboratively to tick off that task that’s been causing you more stress than last week's Iconic splurge. From pricing your creative services to navigating a brand partnership brief, creating a personalized pitch or proposal and *everything in between* - we can cover it all. 

You’ll walk *[click]* away from this 60-minute session with helpful tools, recommendations and resources from me - someone who has been there, done that [and worked in both the marketing team of a leading food brand and with over 100 brands as a nutrition professional and creator myself].

I know exactly what brands are looking for when it comes to: 



Step 1: Pick the H.O.P most relevant to your needs


The Partnerships Hour of Power is for you if you need assistance developing your brand partnership services, creating a brand partnership strategy for your business, navigating a campaign brief or contract or simply need some guidance on how to incorporate brand work into your already jam-packed schedule or even get started working with brands in the first place! 




In the Pricing Hour of Power, we’ll discuss and develop a unique set of flexible rates for your brand partnership services. This may include [but is not limited to] your prices for corporate workshops, social media deliverables [reels, tik-toks, carousels, infographics, photography], recipe development, blog writing and ambassadorships. Together, we will take a deep dive into factors that affect your pricing [think content rights, brand exclusivity, name & likeness] so that you have your own roadmap to follow every time someone asks “hey, can you send me your rates for this”. 



pitch or propose

Pitching for a partnership with your dream brand or need to create a custom proposal to help secure an opportunity with a school, workplace or publication? The Pitch or Propose Hour of Power is for you! Together, we will create a custom pitch and/or proposal that will include all of the key elements needed to get you in front of your dream clients. 

*Unfortunately, certain things are out of our control - so whilst I can’t guarantee a pitch or proposal will be successful in securing an opportunity, my tried and tested strategies will help to place you in the best possible position*. 



Step 2: Book a date and time for our session

Use the 'Book Now' button below to access my calendar and choose a day/time that best suits your schedule for our Hour of Power.


Step 3: Fill out your pre-session questionnaire

Before your confirm your H.O.P booking, there are a few simple questions I'd love for you to answer beforehand. Upon confirmation, you will receive an email from millie@nuwbymillie.com that outlines the details of our session and a unique zoom link for you to access. Don't forget to add our session to your calendar too. 

Step 4: Receive a recording of our session, any additional notes & resources that were discussed [+ your invoice]

At the conclusion of our H.O.P, I will pop into your inbox with a recording of our session so you can refer back to all points discussed. You will also receive links to any additional notes and resources that were addressed throughout the session, and an invoice too.



I am feeling so pumped and a lot more clear and perhaps relieved that I’ve got one thing I’m really going to focus on. 
Honestly I’m so grateful for your time, it was incredibly beneficial and just so lovely to know there are women out there really encouraging other women to be their best.
It’s rare and it’s great.

I felt amazing after our session on Wednesday and so much clearer on how I want my business to develop and grow.